NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association) is a chiropractic organization composed of a relatively small number of doctors that focus on correcting body imbalance through a specific and gentle hand adjustment to the upper neck. Even though the primary focus is on the upper neck, the effects of the correction influence the entire spine and all body systems.

This correction allows the body to function better, resulting in pain relief and better health. The neck is not twisted, popped, or cracked and no discomfort is felt by the patient. A precise system of pre and post adjustment calculations allows the doctor to see that a measurable correction was made. Many patients travel long distances, sometimes hours one way, to see a NUCCA chiropractor, if the care is not available in their area.

What Makes NUCCA Different

Our goal is:

  • to restore health through better body balance and less nerve interference in fewer adjustments than most traditional techniques
  • take practice members beyond short-term pain relief and allow a person to experience long-term balance and results.
  • to achieve life-long wellness for you and your family.

What Causes A Person To Go Out Of Alignment

Following is a list of just a few of the potential causes of misalignment of the atlas and rest of the spine. If you have experienced any of these activities, you’ll want to get your spine and nervous system checked by a NUCCA chiropractor.

  • A difficult or traumatic birth (C-section, vacuum, forceps, clamps, doctor assisted)
  • A fall as a child or adult
  • Falling off a bicycle
  • Bumping your head getting in or out of your vehicle
  • Car accidents
  • Twisting or popping your neck
  • Amusement park rides that jolt the body, head and neck
  • Sports
  • And many more...

Why Is Spinal Alignment Vital to Optimal Health?

The human head is designed to rest perfectly balanced on top of the spine, which is similar to balancing a bowling ball on a broomstick! This alignment allows the brain to better communicate with each part of the body. Nerves pass through this critical area that send and receive messages that regulate and maintain all body functions. This area of the nervous system controls automatic functions of the body such as breathing, blood pressure, sleep and posture (body balance). When the head and neck are not in perfect alignment, this impedes the flow of health and healing messages from the brain to the body. The part of the body that does not receive the proper health and healing messages from the brain will start to suffer and may develop pain or symptoms over time. One can’t feel this brainstem pressure as there are no pain sensory fibers inside one's central nervous system.

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