Written Testimonials


At its worst my right arm, chest, shoulder and lat lost significant strength and muscle tone. I could barely do a push-up without contorting my body so that the left arm bore the majority of the weight. Not only was my appearance changing as I lost significant muscle mass from the inability to do two arm barbell exercises but my strength which used to be an advantage for me had become a deficit. I adapted as people told me I would have to as an older athlete. I accepted it and did my best at pushing my right side with individual dumbbells. This was my new reality or so I thought.

This summer after researching athletes who had suffered from the same condition I ran across the chiropractic specialty that is NUCCA. I immediately called Dr. Bryan Laneville's office. Tamara was able to get me in that day. Bryan listened to my goals of achieving a symmetrical upper body while regaining the strength I had lost. He assured me that not only were my goals very achievable but there were other health benefits that would arise once we got my body back in order. I must admit that I was skeptical especially after the first adjustment. I was used to major shifting and cracking and here he was gently massaging, for lack of a better word, my neck.​

Well needless to say I'm a believer now. I have since started doing heavy upper body lifts again and noticed significant muscle growth accompanied by a return of strength in my right side. Dr. Laneville set out a 6 month plan and we are a little over two months in and I feel like my old self. My symmetry is returning as is my confidence in my body. I'm no longer a prisoner of my body. I'm a wrestler.

Being your patient has given me a new lease on life. Before I went to Laneville Family Chiropractic, My back was getting tighter and tighter. I have had severe back problems for twenty-nine years and tired several doctors and various remedies. I needed to have weekly massages and adjustments to endure the pain and continue daily activities. Now I am holding my adjustments much longer and I don’t need massages anymore. Since your clinic uses the NUCCA method, there is no pain with the adjustments and no “snap, Crackle, or pop”. I have more energy! I sleep better and I feel more content. I can now participate in a variety of exercises and I am able to concentrate for longer periods of time. You have performed a miracle in my life.


I had been seeing Chiropractors for years for back pain and headaches. One night while out with friends, I explained to them that I still had tension in my neck and shoulders despite all prior chiropractic care. One of my friends said that was her problem too, until she stated seeing Dr.Bryan. She gave me his number.

A few weeks later, after suffering from my third headache in a week, I decided to give Dr.Bryan a call. I made my appointments and had my first adjustment. On the car ride home, I finally felt the tension in my shoulders melt away. It was like my whole body loosened up! I was stunned.

I have been seeing Dr.Bryan for six months now. The tension in my neck and shoulders is gone. My headaches are a rare occurrence. I have no back pain and I sleep better than ever. I am so thankful for Dr.Bryan’s care.

I wish I had learned of the NUCCA practice years ago. I am so impressed by the improvement that I decided to bring my son in for adjustments too.